Adding multiple users at a time in Visual Studio Team Services

While I was preparing VSTS instances for a training I was giving I had to add a list of 20 users in a Team Services instance. At the time I couldn’t find a way to do that from the web interface so I looked at the web api. Gave me

The Agile Triangle a change of paradigm in selling projects

For decades selling and contracting projects was quite clear for all parties. One side wanted to have what they asked for inside a specific budget while the other side tried to make sure they were reaching a certain amount of margin. The project triangle between Scope, Time and Money was

Connect Power BI to your on Premise TFS

Power BI is a powerful tool which allows you to easily build interactive data visualizations from almost any type of data you have. This Microsoft tool can be used as a desktop app, mobile app or directly online. It is free of use if you don’t have a lot of

Back from Microsoft Ignite 2016 in Atlanta

We had the chance going in Atlanta this September to attend THE Microsoft technology conference also known as : Ignite. More than thousands of technology sessions in a week, 2 big keynotes in a 20k seats arena, more than 24k it guys and girls gathered to talk about the future

Prepare for PSM I assessment

Becoming a certified Professional Scrum Master is one of the first milestones in an agilist career. Of course you can live without obtaining it but if you want to move to an agile career path this can help. Whether you are a developer, a functional analyst, a tester or anyone

Release Burnup Chart in TFS 2015

With TFS 2015 you can create and add charts to your team dashboard quite easily. In a previous post I was explaining how to create a simple task burndown chart. So in order to have various indicators displayed on your dashboard we will now see how to create the associated

Can a team survive without a Product Owner ? Or with a ghost PO.

As you probably know it already the Product Owner is an essential link for a Scrum Team to deliver high value product increments to the business. This is no secret that a good PO can drastically improve the amount of return on investment of a project. And this is probably

A Simple Task Burndown with TFS 2015

I work with and for a Scrum team that is only estimating effort associated to their Product Backlog Items (PBIs). This team is still quite young so I orientated them to break down the work into tasks so they can share a common view of what to do for each PBI.

Hello world!

Finally! After a very long time thinking of it, I did it and here you are. I’m currently working as an Agile Coach and I want to share my 2 cents with you. Lucky you. Still, I won’t restrict¬†myself to agility and as a passionate .Net Developer I will also

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